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We have had fairly stable temperatures for the last couple of weeks but are dealing with a cold front which is fairly typical for this time of year. Prior to the fronts the fishing can be very good. But during and after, especially with temperatures dropping quickly, the fish can shut down until they acclimate to the cooler waters. Combined with highwinds, water temperatures can drop 7 or 8 degrees in a day or two. This can make finding live bait difficult. I will usually take a live shrimp purchased at the bait store, and artificials on trips just after the cold fronts. Trout are very likely to continue responding to shrimp especially when other fish are less likely to bite. Snook will often stay put during the front but not cooperate as much. Redfish are also likely to eat and can be found around docks and oyster bars. There had been a few redfish schools in North Pinellas that were roaming the flats eating pinfish. Often, Highwinds and muddy waters can push fish off of the flats into the deeper channels. It may take a day or two for them to resume their previous activity. But there are lots of fish to target in the protected back country areas when exposed flats are beaten up by the winds. Residential canals can hold sheepshead, redfish and snook and even trout. Patience is key, and spring is just around the corner.