Captain Brian Caudill – Clearwater Fishing Guide 

My name is Brian Caudill and I’m a Clearwater Fishing Guide in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. I provide guide services for West Central Florida including Tampa Bay and surrounding waters. I’m also privileged to be published twice monthly in the Tampa Bay Times “Captains Corner”, distributed throughout Tampa Bay. It’s my pleasure to work hard, putting all of my clients in the right place for our targeted fish. I am very personable, patient, and easy going. I understand that the charter fishing experience on my boat is about the customer. Hopefully, the following insight will help you learn more about my love for fishing as a Clearwater Fishing Guide.

Fishing as a Child

Fishing for me began as a small child in the state of Kentucky. My earliest memories are with my father, fishing streams, ponds and lakes for various species of small gamefish. We would catch Bluegill, Redeye (Rockbass), Crappie, Smallmouth and Largemouth bass, or anything else that would bite. Sometimes from a borrowed jon boat, many times just wading through the streams or along the banks of a pond. Somehow though, Dad always seemed to catch more fish.

Fishing in Florida

After moving to the Tampa Bay, Florida area in the late 80’s, my father, still living in Kentucky, would often encourage me to put my knowledge of fishing freshwater to use in the numerous lakes Florida has to offer. I just couldn’t keep my mind off of big fish swimming in the Gulf of Mexico and the backwaters behind the barrier islands. So, with a few questions at the local bait shop, and the company of a couple local friends, I began to explore the inshore waters of West Central Florida.

As time past, and my success in locating fish grew, my friend Jim and I began entering some local tournaments. Without a boat, and limited ways of keeping bait alive, we’d trudge for hundreds of yards in pursuit of fish. To our surprise, we won a few of those tournaments. As a result, organizers would no longer allow us to fish without a boat, fearing some unfair advantage I suppose. So, now armed with the know how to catch these inshore species, I bought a boat and began fishing tournaments around Tampa Bay and all over the state. Some of those included two years on the Professional Redfish Tour, CCA’s Redfish/Snook Series in Punta Gorda, Florida, as well as the many local events from Clearwater to Tarpon Springs.

Becoming a Clearwater Fishing Guide

Capt. Brian and a huge SnookAfter a few years, some more successful than others, I decided to take the necessary steps required to receive a United States Coast Guard license to be a Clearwater Fishing Guide. So in 2000, I passed the Coast Guard Exam and became a licensed boat captain. I get a great thrill from putting my customers where the fish are. It’s a great joy to see the faces of children and adults alike experiencing what the Florida West Coast has to offer. Everyone deserves a great day on the water. I hope someday soon,  I can take you fishing.


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