Trout Fishing in Clearwater FL

Trout Fishing Clearwater FL is a great way to experience one of our best resources for catching shear numbers of fish. As a Florida Fishing Guide in the Clearwater, Florida area, I’m happy to see the Spotted Sea Trout making a significant rebound. Trout now have a chance to survive thanks to the ban of inshore commercial nets in recent years. With good action year round, their spawning season begins in April and runs through September. However, the cooler winter months tend to attract the larger “gator mouth” trout to the area. St. Joseph Sound, just north of Clearwater, is famous for holding massive schools of these beautiful fish. During this season, trout can weigh between 5 – 8lbs. Expect most trout to weigh 2-4 pounds. Trout are notably one of our most beautiful species, also very photogenic.

Trout Fishing in ClearwaterHabitat and Diet

Trout Fishing Clearwater Fl and a nice troutSpotted Sea Trout are often found in large groups around our local Clearwater flats, and offer one rod bend after another. Trout tend to live in clear water over sea grass, sandy potholes, oyster bars and canals. In the winter months, the large trout seem to migrate into the area, likely from the north. They inhabit the islands of the intercoastal waters, staging over the rocks to warm in the sun on cool mornings. In the warmer months, they can be found along the cbeaches in the same troughs as snook, foraging on coastal baits up to 2 miles offshore. They like to eat live shrimp, greenbacks (sardines), pinfish, crustaceans and many other types of live bait.

Trout Fishing in ClearwaterTackle used for Trout Fishing Clearwater FL

A multitude of artificial lures can also entice a strike from these aggressive eaters. Jerkworms, grub tails, artificial shrimp and hard plugs are all suitable weapons to catch a trout. Live bait is usually the best way to catch dozens of trout. Sardines are the favorite choice of most anglers, however, live shrimp under a cork is extremely effective! Typically, all we need for a fun filled day of trout fishing is light spinning tackle and a few of the baits they desire.

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