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Kris C

Winter Haven, Florida

Great Day - Capt Brian worked very hard to get us on the fish. The day started slow, the fish would not cooperate. Capt Brian continued to change tactics and locations until we found the right timing and the bite was on non stop the remainder of the day. As a native Floridian I have been out with tons of Captains and many will just call it a bad day and shrug their shoulders. Brian stayed with it until success. I thank him for getting our newly relocated Maine friends on some quality fish. They now consider Capt Brian "thier" Capt! See you on the next trip. Read less

Dave Easton

Best day ever! And I fish a lot. - My 5 year old son and I took a half day trip with Capt. Brian. He absolutely is the best guide I have fished with and I’ve fished with a lot of them. He put my son on fish, put me on fish, was extremely patient, knowledgeable, personable, easy to talk too and helpful to me and with my kiddo. Every place we went he called out the type of fish we were targeting and we caught them. To top it all off he found us some dolphins which we loved and at the beginning we got to watch him catch all of our baitfish, which was Super cool! Fantastic experience! We will definitely be fishing with Brian again. Thank you Brian. What a blast!


GREAT TIME A MUST BOOK! - Captain Brian is great,a down to earth guy who knows exactly what he's doing. He put us on the fish right away that we caught so many the last 10 or so we had to let go. I would highly recommend him for anyone looking. Will definitely be calling him on all my future trips to Florida!


Hilton Head, South Carolina

Fishing and Island Hopping - I booked a trip with Captain Brian for myself, my father, and my two boys, ages 5 and 8 the week of Thanksgiving. I've taken my boys on a handful of chartered trips prior to our trip with Captain Brian. I made a special request that we fish inshore for half a day, dock at a restaurant for lunch, and then island hop for the second half of the day. This was due to my youngest not being ready for 8 hours of fishing. Captain Brian was happy to oblige. We left dock at 8:15 and were on the fish shortly thereafter. We started in the mangroves and caught about a dozen redfish within a span of 30 minutes. As soon as the bites slowed down we were off on the prowl. Spent the first 2-3 hours in search of redfish and had our fill. We had decided to go after different species and the Captain had a spot in mind. We went to the Clearwater jetty. It turned out to be a honey hole. In the span of one hour, we caught, bonnethead shark, grouper, Spanish mackeral, snook, lady fish, redfish, and maybe one or two more species that I can't recall at the moment. It was fantastic. My boys were hauling them in just about as fast as we could cast. Docked in Clearwater and went to Freshy's for lunch and the we were off to check out some scenery. We ended up at 3 rooks island, which was fantastic. We had the place to ourselves and the boys spent the remainder of the day searching for shells. Couldn't have had a better day. Weather was perfect and Captain Brian was on top of his game. He was great with the kids and out us on the fish. My biggest compliment is that he knew when to throw in the towel and head to a different spot. If the fish stopped biting for 5 minutes, we were off. No messing round. I've been on many trips and most Captains will waste time trying to bleed a spot dry. Not Brian. He'll be our go to every time we're in town. Couldn't recommend him more highly.

Sharon B

Palm Harbor

Awesome fishing trip! Brian was prepared, on time, had a clean boat. My husband and a friend booked a 4-hour trip with him for near shore and inshore fishing last week. He took them to several locations and they caught fish at each location. They caught so many fish they were getting tired of reeling them in--it was an awesome trip. They each caught at least 25 fish apiece, such as Spanish mackerel, Bonita, Redfish, Snook. They were all good sized fish. My husband said it was one of the most fun fishing trips he had ever been on. Both said it was awesome. Brian was very personable, answered all of their questions, he knew the area well and had plenty of bait. Would highly recommend him.


Melbourne, Florida

Lots of fun, lots of fish and a comfortable outing. - My wife and I have hired fishing guides before with mixed results. With Captain Brian however we not only caught a lot of fish, we caught the species we specifically set out to catch, and we had a LOT of fun. We caught 4 redish, 2 snook, (big one got away!) and 5 spanish makerel. As a bonus (for eating) we also caught some tasty snapper. The jack creavlle were opportunists reducing the amount of mackeral we caught in the pass but we still enjoyed catching them as they put up a good fight. Brian is an excellent and friendly guide and we felt safe during the entire trip. Not only would we book him again, we ARE booking him again to help us go after cobia.

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