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Hello everyone! Here in Clearwater, Florida we are coming out of a few weeks of staggered cold fronts and high winds. We’re in a warming trend right now which allows me to get back out on the water and put smiles on peoples faces! I expect this year to be very busy and one of the most rewarding, especially coming out of the pandemic hopefully sooner than later! The phone has been ringing and the emails have been flying, so I know people are ready to get back to normal. That being said, don’t hesitate to book your trip soon while there are plenty of holes in the calendar for now. We’re still focusing on trout and redfish, but triple tail have been very prevalent as well. We’re throwing live shrimp for most of the species, the artificials have been getting a good work out as well. Through February we will still see some cold fronts, but March April and May are just around the corner and the fishing regulations over the last couple of years have allowed many of our inshore species to re-populate. 2020 is behind us and I am looking forward to a fantastic year of return clients and a bunch of new ones too! I’m ready to take you all fishing and show you a good time on the West Coast of Florida! Give me a call at 727-365-7560 or email and let’s get you booked! See you all soon, Capt. Brian.