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Starting the New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! We made it through the holidays! Thank you to all of you who purchased gift certificates for your loved ones, I’m looking forward to setting up all of those trips! We are finally moving into our winter patterns. Summer seemed to stick around all the way to Christmas! Kingfishing was incredible, 2 – 6 miles out. Herds of bait schools getting attacked everyday by Kingfish and Spanish Mackerel alike. Now we are in a cooling period with fronts dipping down from the north, certain to push those nearshore species to south Florida. Our focus will return to inshore and the big female trout that inhabit our region this time of year, as well as targeting Redfish and Sheepshead. Live shrimp will be the bait of choice as or netted greenbacks if they are still around to be caught.
I’m already getting calls from many of you booking your trips for 2016! I am ready to get you all out there and have a great day on the water! Take a break from the cold, hop a plane or drive southward, I’m here… Call or e-mail 727-365-7560 or Let’s go fishing!

Capt. Brian