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Cold fronts and high winds are typical for this time of year. About every 5 to 7 days there is some type of weather event. For those brave enough to venture out, finding protection from the elements is always the challenge. The backwaters will be the most productive, far into the residential canals, bays, creeks and rivers. Live shrimp worked slowly around docks and edges of oyster bars will often result in redfish, sheepshead, flounder or trout. Snook are a little less likely to eat when the water temperatures drop quickly, but not impossible. Artificial jigs resembling live shrimp worked along the bottom will also be productive. The key is to move the bait slowly, mimicking the action of a live shrimp. The drop offs are always the best areas to target. Most predator fish ambush their food, so edges provide the sneak attack they prefer. Overhanging mangroves are also worth investigating as they offer cover for several species to hide. As the winds lay down, the islands from Clearwater to Palm Harbor, will once again provide lots of action with trout and pompano. The water is likely to be dirty for a couple of days so moving around to find clear waters will be necessary for the best action. Live shrimp under a float in the shallow waters works best, but if you are exploring the deeper water from 6 – 8 feet, freeline the shrimp to reach the bottom.