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Hello Warm Days!!

A warming trend has triggered the fish in north Pinellas. As usual for this time of year, the trout bite has been phenomenal on the warmer days once they are located. Although tides have been a bit weak, the bite has occurred best around the turn of the high tides. The higher outgoing waters pull the warm water from the shallow flats, prompting the fish to eat well. Large live shrimp under a cork or freelined in the deeper waters have produced several trout. The overall size and amount of trout is less than years past, so persistence and patience is key to locating a group of cooperating fish. Long casts are vital to keeping a school in one place. Drifting quietly or using a trolling motor on low speeds will increase success when moving around. Redfish are showing up well in the usual spots. Mangrove shorelines, oyster bars and potholes on the flats at low tides. Docks are also holding several fish in the lower slot range. Cut baits, shrimp, and rootbeer colored jigs are working well. Snook reopened in the Gulf of Mexico waters on March 1st. Although a few have been caught along the north coast, they are still a little wary, not stimulated to eat as often in the cooler waters. As soon as the sardines show up again, the snook will bite will turn on after being dormant through winter.

Capt. Brian