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The recent cool front has affected the water temperature dropping it a few degrees quickly. However, the weather this week is stable and the water temps are rebounding. Initially, fish will shut down until they acclimate to the cooler water. I have been kingfishing and mackerel fishing during the weaker, lower tidal phases. Bait has been plentiful offshore, making it easy to locate kingfish and spanish mackerel. Slow trolling threadfin herring works great for locating a few fish. Once we get bites I may anchor up in the area and start chumming, bringing the fish to the boat. 30 to 40 pound wire is a must to prevent frequent break offs. This time of year often brings a migration of trout to St. Joseph Sound in North Pinellas. There are a few showing up and it should get better as the cold fronts continue to occur. The spoil islands are the usual targets for anglers, although the shallow flats to the east will often hold the larger female trout also. Plastic jigs rigged on a 1/8 ounce jighead works great for locating fish. Currently, sardines are the favored bait until deeper in winter when their focus will be on live shrimp or slow working jigs near the bottom. Snook and small redfish are gathering around some of the islands along with the trout. The drop offs where the darker grass meets the sand are good transitions, allowing the predator fish to ambush baits that are easily exposed when over the light sandy areas.

So that’s what’s happening out here! Please book your day of fishing now! Call me at 727-365-7560 or email me soon! I can’t wait to hear from you all! Capt. Brian