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Snook on the Move!!

Fishing in North Pinellas is coming on strong. The water is starting to be consistently over 70 degrees at night and into the mid 70’s through the day. This has snook moving from their transition locations out to the passes and beaches. Although they aren’t eating veraciously yet, I expect the next strong moon phase approaching next week to set them off. The snook that are willing to bite have been eating large sardine and threadfins well. Stay as far away from the fish as possible, allowing your bait move with any current into the strike zone. Snook are well known for avoiding baits that aren’t presented naturally. The larger trout usually staged in St. Joseph Sound in the winter have begun to vacate the spoil islands and join the snook along the inside shoreline and troughs near beaches. Several 5 lb trout have been caught this week while fishing for the linesiders. Redfish schools are moving up to the mangroves on the higher tides. Cut pinfish are getting struck by most reds, although chumming with sardines can also get them fired up. Tarpon are showing on the shallow bars, in low numbers so far. May will see an increase in their migration northward. Sitting quietly in the migration lane just a few yards off of the shore and leading them with a crab, sardine or threadfin is a great technique for hooking up. Stealth is so vital to getting a close shot at one of these powerful fish.