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Low Tide Success!

Warm and stable temperatures have really turned on the fishing in north Pinellas. Bait has also been plentiful allowing the baitwell to be filled most days. Most of my fishing has been inshore as reports offshore have weakened a bit. Redfish are inhabiting the usual spots along the mangroves at higher tides. However, the lower tides have concentrated the reds and snook into sandy holes foraging on crustaceans and other baits swimming nearby. Live sardines, small pinfish and especially live shrimp have been getting pounded. Slowly work from pothole to pothole. It doesn’t take long to determine if there are fish present. Trout have been extremely cooperative lately. Chasing and inhaling large baits as well as soft plastics on a 1/8 – 1/4 ounce jighead. Not only on the flats and in potholes with reds and snook, but they are moving into St. Joseph Sound as they do each year at this time. The islands along the intercoastal tend to get crowded with boats and kayaks alike. Please give anglers already fishing a wide birth if moving into an area, perhaps allowing the wind to push you in the final few yards. Trolling motors are invaluable to maneuver around quietly without disturbing the fish and someone else’s bite.