Redfish, Redfish, Redfish!!!

Redfishing has been hot over the last few weeks. Fish are choosing flats with larger striped mullet to school with, hiding among the mullet as dolphin invade the flats looking for easy meals. On the higher tides, look for the mangrove shorelines where mullet are jumping near the limbs or schooling along the branches and over hangs. Cut baits cast into the shadows of the bushes will attract a bite. Fish each section for about 15 minutes while also chumming with cut pieces of bait. If no action, move further down the line. Redfish will often pick a different oyster bar or mangrove cut out to occupy from day to day depending on conditions. Trout are starting to gather along the grass flats inside the passes. Drop offs around the edges of flats are a holding several trout in all size ranges on lower tides. Small pinfish or sardines under a cork are getting hammered. Freeline baits in deeper potholes scattered through out the flats to catch the bigger female trout. Snook are already getting wise to the pressure in north Pinellas. Be sure to make long casts to beach troughs and cuts with current, staying a good distance away from these cautious fish. The turn of the tide has been the best time to target snook. The early morning bite has been the most productive for the linesiders.

Capt. Brian

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