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Dealin’ with the Winds!

Winds are finally subsiding this week. Although the winds have hampered fishing in many areas, adjusting to the elements is key to finding fish and staying safe in the process. Kingfish and mackerel are here, and the lighter winds will allow boaters to troll nearshore wrecks and reefs looking for baitschools getting attacked by birds. Slow trolling live threadfins or sardines can often locate areas where the kings are holding. After a few bites, anchor and begin chumming with cut baits and a chum bag. Cast out flatlines with lightwire and a 2/0 – 3/0 live bait hook, then wait for kingfish and mackerel to hit. This method works really well, bringing the fish to your location. Snook, redfish and trout are the main focus for inshore fishing. Snook are making their way to the passes and nearby beaches. Numbers will continue to increase over the next few weeks as the days stay warm and the winds decrease. Early in the spring, less wary snook explode on handfuls of chummed sardines, giving up their location. If fishing in current, always cast uptide and allow the bait to drift naturally to the fish. Trout are holding in the same locations as the snook along the beach cuts and rocky structures. Redfish are responding best around the stronger moon phases, schooling along the mangroves on the higher tides. Mullet schools have also held larger reds. Gold spoons worked through large mullet schools will get chased and hit by these big reds. A few mid slot fish will be caught as well.

Capt. Brian